The artist’s books are all created through combining drawing, painting, and collage techniques.



16X16X4 cm

Small, square pages are made from handmade paper that stimulates the senses, especially the sense of touch. The book raises social issues such as human rights, communication, compromise, and more, which are highlighted through captions and represented by human figures, primarily portraits, as a metaphor for the subject. The play between the different media, the painting, and the creation of picturesque surfaces with several layers, indicate my attraction to the textures and my love of the materials, while my choice of technique also reflects my consciousness.


Book on the Exclusion of Women

17X27 cm.  Mixed media    2012

As a secular artist in Jerusalem, I feel threatened by the phenomenon of women's exclusion from the public sphere. On the one hand, women are seen as a promotional object, particularly in advertising.

On the other hand, the exclusion of women in Haredi society stems from seeing them as a potential threat to the public, due to the commandments of modesty. I see great danger in this situation, and not only danger to women, but to the human society in which we live.

Mother Tongue


24x31 cm.  Mixed media    2018

The suppression of Mother Earth's energy is expressed in nature as ecological pollution, and there is a need to act with greater awareness in this area.

The 23 pages of the book are brightly colored.