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My name is Dalia Segev.

In my work, I express life forces, dealing with color, light and movement.

I was born in 1961, live in Israel, and have created art all my life.

I have a B.F.A. from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (1988), have exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, am a member of the Israeli Artists Association, and have over thirty years’ experience teaching art in various frameworks.

An additional element that influences my creative work is Qi Gong: I practice and teach Qi Gong, experiencing the energy of life in motion.

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Solo Exhibitions

2023 - "Nature Disturbed" - Fine Art Print Gallery, Rehovot. curator: Yael Sonino-levi 

2016 – "Limited Spaces"– Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem. Curator: Dvora Goldberger

2014 – "Dialogue", Ephrat Gallery – Tel Aviv. Curator: Elizabeth Dor.

2005 – "lights", Hshfela Mozeon -  Kfar Menachem. Curator: Moshe Saidi

2004 – "Lights abd Shadows", Tzavta Gallery – Tel Aviv.Curator: J.Kurlander

2002 – Jerar Bachar Theatre – Jerusalem.

1996 – The Pedagogic Center of Teaching, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions


2023- "Shvira", ,N.D. Gallery, Ramat-Gan. Curator: Ronit Hadad

2023- "Because of the wind",Sha'are Zedek, Jerusalem. Curator: Liora Gov Ari

2023- "Opening exhibition for N.D. cooperative gallery members."Curator: Ronit Rot Hadad 

2023- "Here and now",N.D. Gallery, Ramat-Gan. Curator: Ronit Rot Hadad

2019- A print exhibition, in the Memorial house, Rishon LeZion. Curator: Adi Angel

        - Exhibition of Watercolor Artists Association in Israel, Artist House, Kfar Saba

2018- "Printing Biennale", New Gallery Artists workshops in Teddy, Jerusalem.

          Curators: Irena Gordon & Tamar Gispan.

2014- "For your Eyes Only", Hecht House, Haifa. Curators: Moti Harrari & Sima Shachr.

2012- Women's Art Book Exhibition. Manofim Project.  Antea Gallery, Jerusalem.

        - "Forbidden Works", Antea Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Dr. Liliana Kleiner

2011- "Mitology". Maleor Gallery. Caesarea. Curator: Malka Hadari & Orna miler.

2009- Exhibition on the subject of gender, Shoham. Curator: Aya Bernard

2008- "Reflections" – Mevaseret zion Gallery. Curator: Lihi Chabas.

2007- "Longing for Peace" – an outdoor project.  Nahariya

2005- The Museum of the Bible Art – Tel Aviv.

2003- Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv, Illustrations of fairy tales

2002- Yad Lebanim House, Raanana, illustrations of animals

2001- The Art & Science International Center, Holon

1999- Watercolor, landscapes - The Israeli Consulate, San Francisco, U.S.A.

1992- Pastel paintings - Efrat Gallery – Tel Aviv. Curator: Tzipora Efrat.

1991- International exhibition of etching -  Adogi Barcelona – Japan.

1988- The Gallery of Artist House, Jerusalem - The Bezalel Academy graduation.

Other Publications

- Artoday magazine, article about the solo exhibition "Nature Disturbed" - ​2023

- "Bigall" an online journal for Hebrew creation - 2015

- Haaretz newspaper article about solo exhibition "Dialogue" 13/10/14
- Achbar Jerusalem article about – "Limited Spaces" 4/3/16 
- T.V. Channel 10 "Gallery today" – 14/10/14 
- Cover photo Saturday culture supplement of the newspaper Makor Rishon 17/10/14
- Illustrations for the magazine "Chayim Acherim"
- Catalogues for the Exhibitions "Torso Plus","For Your Eyes Only","yearning for Peace"
- Catalogue for the solo exhibition "Dialogue" 2014
- An international magazine for Israeli artists: art-magazine.wix-com/24degrees.

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